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Letter from the President

Jaimee Uhlenbrock

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In Syracuse, Sicily, during the Summer School for Coroplastic StudiesFull size image
Credits : Michael Anthony Fowler

1Dear members of ACoST,

2The Association for Coroplastic Studies is undergoing major changes. As you already know, elections for officers were held in 2012 because I felt that the organization needed a broader administrative structure if it was to survive into the future and grow. Since then, a particular concern of mine has been the longevity of the ACoSt website, which receives from 150 to 300 hits a week, mostly for the bibliographies and the newsletter. As this was my personal responsibility, I feared that should anything happen to me the website would disappear. In order to ensure that this important research and information tool would continue into the future, it needed an institutional affiliation and support. This has now been provided by the Université Charles-de-Gaulle–Lille 3, through the intervention of Arthur Muller, Stéphanie Huysecom-Haxhi, and especially Christine Aubry, who has generously agreed to take over the maintenance of the website, which now will be hosted by Lille. She also has redesigned the website so it can be more up-to-date with the latest technologies. It can be accessed through the following address :

3In keeping with these changes it also was decided to suspend the Newsletter of the Association for Coroplastic Studies as an independent entity and instead publish a peer-reviewed journal for lengthier, more scholarly articles that also will contain a section called “News” that will function much as the newsletter did. Thus, this number 11 of the Newsletter of the Association for Coroplastic Studies is the last issue that will appear in the usual format. Consequently, this final number of the newsletter has a cumulative index of all articles published, as well as an index of authors.

4The Association for Coroplastic Studies also has its first peer-reviewed publication about to appear in print. This is called Figuring Out the Figurines of the Ancient Near East, edited by Stephanie Langin-Hooper. This is Number 1 in the new series Occasional Papers in Coroplastic Studies. This initial volume comprises 4 papers that were delivered at one of the three sessions of the Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) either in 2009, 2010, or 2011 that were entitled “Figuring Out the Figurines of the Ancient Near East.” I would like to thank Stephanie Langin-Hooper, who had organized these sessions, for also accepting the role of editor for this volume, which involved considerable time and energy on her part.

5I also would like to express my gratitude to the two anonymous reviewers of the papers that were submitted for this volume. Their valuable insights and direction were very much appreciated by the authors. Finally, I would like to thank the authors themselves for being so steadfast in their devotion to this project.

6Aside from Stephanie Langin-Hooper, who wrote the lengthy introduction, the authors represented are P. M. Michèle Daviau, “The Coroplastics of Transjordan : Forming Techniques and Iconographic Traditions in the Iron Age ;” Erin D. Darby, “Seeing Double : Viewing and Re-Viewing Judean Pillar Figurines Through Modern Eyes” ; Adi Erlich, “Double Face, Multiple Meanings : The Hellenistic Pillar Figurines from Maresha” ; Marco Ramazzotti, “The Mimesis of a World : The Early and Middle Bronze Clay Figurines from Ebla-Tell Mardikh.” Figuring Out the Figurines of the Ancient Near East will be available as an open-access download from the ACoST website. In addition, print copies in a soft-cover format may be ordered on demand from Detailed information on ordering print copies from LULU. com will be supplied shortly.

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Jaimee Uhlenbrock, « Letter from the President », Les Carnets de l’ACoSt [Online], 11 | 2014, Online since 30 July 2015, connection on 02 December 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Jaimee Uhlenbrock

Department of Art History State University of New York, New Paltz
President, Association for Coroplastic Studies

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