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Ancient Near Eastern Figurines

Organized by Raz Kletter, Urmas Nõmmik and Katri Saarelainen.

On behalf of the University of Helsinki – Centre of Excellence ‘Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions’ (CSTT).

Under the Auspices of the Association of Coroplastic Studies (ACoSt).

Venue: Theological Institute, Tallinn.

Preliminary Program

Thursday 17.9.2015

09:30–10:00: Opening Words Opening Lecture
10:00–10:45: Amihai Mazar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Late Bronze/Iron Age Figurines and Figurine Moulds from Beth Shean
and Rehov, Israe
10:45–11:15: Coffee break

Session I: Iron Age Transjordan

11:15–12:00: P. M. Michèle Daviau, Wilfrid Laurier University
Gods, Goddesses, Men and Women in Ammonite Iconography
12:00–12:45: Régine Hunziker-Rodewald, Univerity of Strassburg
“Made in Her Image”: Iron Age Female Terracotta Figurines from Jordan
Lunch: 12:45–14:15

Session II: Iron Age Judah and Israel

14:15–15:00: Katri Saarelainen, University of Helsinki
Anthropomorphic Figurines of Iron Age Northern Israel
15:00–15:45: Erin Darby, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Lachish and Jerusalem Cave I: Judean Pillar Figurines in Caves
15:45–16:30: Raz Kletter, University of Helsinki
Are there Regional Styles in the Figurines of the Kingdom of Judah?
Coffee Break: 16:30–17:00

Session III: Iron Age Cyprus

17:00–17:45: Giorgos Papantoniou, Trinity College Dublin
Transmissions and Transformations of Culture: The Cypriot Iron Age Figurines
Break: 17:45–19:00
Reception Dinner: 19:00

Friday 18.9.2015

Opening Lecture
09:30–10:15: Diana Edelman, University of Oslo
The Teraphim embodied as Figurines: Dead Ancestors or Household Gods?

Session IV: Persian Period Idumea and Yehud

10:15–11:15: Adi Erlich, University of Haifa
Persian Period Terracotta Figurines from Idumaea as Regional and Ethnic Markers
Coffee break: 11:15–11:45
11:45–12:30: Izaak de Hulster, University of Helsinki
Figurines in Achaemenid Period Yehud

12:30–13:15: Christian Frevel, Ruhr-University Bochum
Southern Levantine Figurines of the Iron Age and Persian Period: A Comparative View
Lunch: 13:15–14:30

Session V: Pottery Experiment

14:30–16:45: Asuur Pottery Workshop
Concluding Discussion
16:45–17:30: (Theological Institute)
Dinner: 19:00

Street Tallinn

Image 1000000000000182000001F458E9D548.jpg

Saturday 19.9.2015

Tour of Tallinn: 9:00–12:00.

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