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ACoSt Joins Facebook

Sven Kielau

In January 2016 we launched a facebook site with the name “Association for Coroplastic Studies.” The site can be found by typing “Association for Coroplastic Studies” in the search window on and it can be visited by any interested internet user without joining Facebook. Posts on this new page can be seen by everyone; comments and posts by visitors are welcome, but they can only be posted when having a Facebook account. If you wish to post content (including photos, videos, links to homepages, etc.) and you do not have a Facebook account, please e-mail the desired content to and I will be happy to post it for you. Every post will be edited by a moderator. The new facebook site does not replace the original homepage of ACoSt nor does it replace the usual ways of communicating news and information. It will be used as an extra “workshop window” to communicate and promote activities of ACosT and its members. One week after launching the site we had over hundred followers.

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