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The boards


The editorial board

Founded by Vanessa Brochot and following the example of American legal journals, the ADD editorial board is made up of doctorate students and young doctors, who carry out the steps to prepare each issue.

The role of the journal’s scientific director is essentially to facilitate communication between the editorial board and external individuals (authors of articles, members of the scientific board). He ensures the clarity, firmness and credibility of this communication and does not significantly affect the internal operation of the editorial board while ensuring that it can work in line with its scientific ambitions.

The scientific board

The ADD are supported by a valuable scientific board composed of experienced research professors. They were contacted based on the following criteria: status (lecturers and professors), discipline (international law, European and community law, public law, private law, history of law, political sciences) and location (local and non-local).

The scientific board’s composition has gradually expanded and changed; in 2007, it had 35 members, while it is now made up of 64 research professors.

As reflected in the composition of the scientific board, the multidisciplinary intention was placed at the heart of the ADD project from the beginning. The published articles cover private law, public law, the history of law and political science, and they address the different specialisms that these major fields encompass without distinction. The journal therefore has a general focus, which includes a comprehensive range of legal phenomena and makes it relevant to diverse audiences.

Composition of the boards

Scientific Director: Guillaume Tusseau
Publication Directors:
Perrine Dumas et Christophe Otero
Head of the editorial board: Perrine
Dumas and Christophe Otero
Editorial secretary: Hervé
Website administrator ( Christophe Otero

Editorial board

Thomas Deflinne
Perrine Dumas
Charlotte Mebarek
Christophe Otero
Guillaume Tusseau

Scientific board

International law

Abdelwahab Biad
Patrick Courbe (†)
Fabienne Jault-Seseke
Yann Kerbrat

European Union law and European Human Rights law

Loïc Azoulai
Olivier Clerc
Philippe Ch.-A. Guillot
Jean-Christophe Lecoustumer
Valérie Michel
Carole Nivard
David Robine
Marine Toullier

Public law

Julien Boudon
Xavier Braud
Pierre Brunet
Sylvia Brunet
Benoît Camguilhem
Olivier Cayla
Martin Collet
Samuel Deliancourt
Jean-Philippe Derosier
Mathieu Doat
Charlotte Girard
Arnaud Haquet
Jacques Meunier
Guy Quintane
Philippe Raimbault
Arnaud de Raulinv
Michel Troper
Guillaume Tusseau

Private law

François Barriere
Sonia Ben Hadj Yahia
Jean-Sylvestre Berge
Nicolas Binctin
Suzanne Carval
Cécile de Cet Bertin
Hélène Chanteloup
Isabelle Dauriac
Amélie Dionisi-Peyrusse
Frédérique Eudier
Antoine Garapon
Clothilde Grare-Didier
Marie-Angèle Hermitte
Julie Klein
Maud Laroche
Stéphane Pessina-Dassonville
Christian Pigache

History of law

Jacques Bouveresse
Gilduin Davy
Élisabeth Dandine
Fabrice Desnos
Jacques Krynen
Virginie Lemonnier-Lesage
Yves Mausen
Sophie Poirey
Marie-France Renoux-Zagame
Yves Sassier

Political sciences

Jean-Philippe Bras
Jean-Marie Denquin
Jacques de Maillard
Jean-Luc Marret
Antoine Megie
Yves Surel

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