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About AdlFI

AdlFI : Archéologie de la France - Informations

Designed as a co-edition by the Ministry of Culture (Archaeology Department) and the CNRS, AdlFI is an online periodical whose aim is to publish news about archaeology operations in France. The scientific news prepared by the Regional Departments of Archaeology (SRA) are edited and published online here in real time.

This new periodical replaces now Gallia Informations, taking over its tasks, and will undergo new developments in the future.

Our purpose

AdlFI is an updated database of all the last archaeological researches and discoveries in France, for national and international researchers, varied archaeological figures and all people interested in the French national heritage. The online database also contains archaeological papers of the years 1991-2004 previously published on CD-ROM.

Subscription (through the RSS feed)

Archéologie de la France - Informations allows you to:

  • store the history of your searches

  • download the papers in PDF format

  • keep yourself up to date with the website’s updates by a RSS feed. To subscribe to it, click on « Flux RSS » in the left sidebar (« Suivez-nous » category) and click on the RSS feed you want to follow: either the documents or the issues (« Numéros ») feed.

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