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Afriques is an historical journal about African worlds. It focuses primarily on periods prior to the twentieth century, in dialogue with other disciplines, including archaeology, philology, anthropology, history of art and linguistics.

Published by the Institut des Mondes Africains (IMAF), Afriques is an electronic journal with free access to the full text available on the editorial platform (

It contains articles written by young scholars and specialists.

We welcome contributions in French and English.

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Article selection procedure

The articles are sent to the editorial committee which realizes a first evaluation of the interest of the article, its congruence with the editorial policy of the review and its scientific quality. If the committee considers the article to be interesting, it designates two anonymous reviewers who can be members of the scientific committee or other non-member researchers. In the case of dossiers, the scientific directors of the dossier receive the article submissions and designate the anonymous reviewers who will evaluate the articles, in agreement with the editorial committee. The articles of the dossier, after a pre-selection by the directors of the dossier based on outside evaluations, are presented to the editorial committee who must accept the publication.

Copyright and Open archives

Afriques is an open access journal; the author retains full copyright while giving permission to the journal to publish his article. See Request online broadcasting license, Attachment down the page “Recommandations aux auteurs” (

The author has the opportunity to file its pre-print or accepted paper and/or published in pdf in open archives, provided, however, indicate the url of publication of the original article.

Organisation of the journal

The journal is composed of two main sections:

/ Thematic issues

This section includes issues published on an annual basis.

The next Thematic issues to be released:

- 08 | 2017 : Manuscript Book Cultures of Ethiopia. Encounters between Islamic and Christian Worlds

- 09 | 2018 : Towards an Art History of pre-contemporary Africa: Methodology, Historiography, Epistemology

/ Eclectics

This section comprises four sub-sections, contributions may be published throughout the year.

- Varia

- Fields and methods
This section promotes critical reflection about the concept of "field" in African history. These “fields” – whether they be archives, repositories of oral and written memory, anthropological or archaeological research - has to be questioned together with the methods by scholars.

- Debates and readings
Afriques wants to promote scientific debate by publishing:

methodological statements

reprinted articles accompanied by new commentaries

crossed viewpoints, notes inspired by personal reflections on readings

- Sources
Afriques wishes to make available research materials, by editing, translating and commenting on the original documents: maps, manuscripts, visual sources, literary, audio...

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