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Editorial board

Editor in Chief

Thomas Vernet-Habasque (MCF University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, IMAF)

Associate Editor

Caroline Robion-Brunner (CR CNRS, TRACES, CFEE)

Associate Editor

Hadrien Collet (Post-doctoral researcher, Institut français d’archéologie orientale du Caire)

Editorial Team

Deresse Ayenachew (Post-doctoral researcher, ERC HornEast, Iremam), Claire Bosc-Tiessé (DR CNRS, Scientific advisor INHA), Amélie Chekroun (CR CNRS, IREMAM), Gérard Chouin (Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary), Clélia Coret (Director of The French Institute for Research in Africa, IFRA Nairobi), Marie-Laure Derat (DR CNRS, laboratoire Orient & Méditerranée), Camille Lefebvre (DR CNRS, IMAF), Jean Loïc Le Quellec (DR CNRS, IMAF), Fabrice Melka (IE CNRS, IMAF), Léa Roth (PhD student, laboratoire Orient & Méditerranée), Samuel Sanchez (MCF University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, IMAF), Robin Seignobos (Post-doctoral researcher, IFAO), Cheikh Sene (Post-doctoral researcher, I Tatti Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies / DHI Rom), Ismail Warscheid (CR CNRS, IRHT), Anaïs Wion (CR CNRS, IMAF).

Editorial secretariat

Fabrice Melka (IE CNRS, IMAF), Léa Roth (PhD student, laboratoire Orient & Méditerranée).

Thanks to Reviewers

The Editorial Board of Afriques journal would like to make public the list of external reviewers who, since 2010, have been ensuring the scientific quality of the articles published thanks to their expertise. This work, which is largely invisible, is an integral part of the tasks we undertake collectively. We feel it is important to highlight it, as much for the sake of transparency as to show the scale of the collective effort required to ensure the rigour of an academic journal.

It is also a way of paying tribute to the community of researchers who are making the history of Africa today, in all its disciplinary, geographical and generational diversity. At this stage, the list includes around 120 names (excluding the latest issue, 13|2022, and those in preparation), so we feel that anonymity is guaranteed.

However, if despite the emails we have sent to each and every one of you you do not wish to appear on this list, please contact the editorial secretariat [revueafriques[at]] and we will take your request into account as soon as possible.

Saheed Aderinto

Damien Agut 

Carlos Almeida 

Edward Alpers 

Stéphane Ancel

Sébastien Barret

Philippe Beaujard Beaujard 

Nourane Ben Azzouna

Hocine Benkheira

Vicky Van Bockhaven 

Jean-Renaud Boisserie

Anne Boudhors

Stuart Borsch

Eloïse Brac de la Perrière

Louis Brenner

Andrea Brigaglia

Aaron Butts

Nathalie Carré

Dominique Casajus

Louis Chaix

Monique Chastanet

Bernard Clist

Jean-Charles Coulon

Joanna Davidson

Chris DeCorse

Dora de Lima

Kathryn de Luna

Pierre de Maret 

Cathy D'Andrea

Robyn d'Avignon 

Geoffroy de Saulieu 

Gabriele Franke 

Luís Frederico Dias Antunes

François-Xavier Fauvelle

J. Fleisher 

Laurent Fourchard

Britte Frede

Nikolas Gestrich

Michelle Gilbert

Yves Gleize

Anne-Lise Goujon

Tom Gueldemann 

Bruce Hall

Constant Hamès

Vincent Hiribarren

Alexa Hoehn 

Timothy Insoll 

Jan Jansen 

Daou Véronique Joiris

Eric Jolly

Dominique Juhé-Beaulaton

Samantha Kelly

Michael Kleiner

Kairn Klieman 

Manfred Kropp

Paul Lane

Olivier Langlois

Luc Laporte

Marianne Lemaire

Joséphine Lesur 

Georg Leube

Alexandre Lingstone Smith

Gianfrancesco Lusini

Ghislaine Lydon

Diane Lyons 

Scott Mac Eachern 

Catarina Madeira Santos

Peter Mark

Shahid Mathee

Aïssatou Mbodj-Pouye

Susana Molins Lliteras

Cameron Monroe 

Paulo Moraes Farias

Susan McIntosh 

Nicolas Nikis

Mauro Nobili

Grzegorz Ochala

Richard Oslisly 

Mohamed Oubahli

Wedoud Ould Cheikh

Erin Kathleen Pettigrew

John E. Phillips

Gérard Philippson

Pierluigi Piovanelli 

Hendrick Poinar 

Chloé Raggazzoli

Louise Rayne

Frédéric Régent 

Birgit Ricquier

Stephen Rockel 

Bernard Rosenberger

Marina Rustow

Thiago Sapede

Judith Scheele 

Jérémie Schittecatte

David Schoenbrun

Christian Seignobos

Robin Seignobos

Shiferaw Bekele

Estelle Sohier

Jay Spaulding

Rhiannon Stephens 

Harald Suermann

Amir Syed

John Thornton

Henri Tourneux

Jean-Louis Triaud

Alexandros Tsakos

Robert Vernet   

Knut Vikor

Cheikhna Wagué

Iain WalkerIain Walker  

Benjamin Weber

Constanze Weise 

Andreas Wetter

Stephanie Wynne-Jones  

Francesco Zappa

Roberto Zaugg 

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