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Points de vue

Points of view

Open to debate, sharing and discovery, Points de vue gathers critical articles, conferences or original translations (“Varia”) as well as controversial stances in reaction to the latest news in the performing arts (“Tribune”) and interviews with those who make the living arts today ("Entretiens")

  • Varia

    Under the heading Varia are gathered unpublished articles, new conferences and original columns – as a matter of fact, all kind of propositions reflecting upon on-stage practices

  • Tribune

    Under the heading Tribunes are gathered rants, strokes and openly controversial texts about topical issues. Considering the link between stage and politics, this section covers their frictions.

  • Entretiens

    Stemming from dialogs with the contemporary makers of on-stage arts, the section “Entretiens” gathers interviews between Agôn and theorists and practioners of live art.

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