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Agôn: noun ˈä-ˌgän, ˈa-, ä-ˈgōn ἀγών, assembly, meeting; games, contest; struggle, fight, trial; critical moment.

Run by researchers who also have a practical approach (acting, staging, play-writing, dramaturgy), the journal Agôn combines theory and praxis, the experience of the stage and the researcher’s more unbiased point of view. Thematic issues are published annually, as well as a continuous flow of more varied formats and contents (reviews, interviews, essays, production diaries, etc.).

Latest texts

Latest issue
HS 3 | 2022
"Un moi pluriel" – Écritures théâtrales du collectif

sous la direction d'Aude Astier, Guillaume Cot, Aurélie Coulon et Sylvain Diaz
Chœur public | Résidence Collectif x | Strasbourg, 2018
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Credits: © Catherine Schroder / Université de Strasbourg
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