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On behalf of the entire team of Aile … Lia

1The year 2009 is a turning point for the journal Aile. The brutal disappearance of its Director, Clive Perdue, in March 2008 left the community of linguists in tremendous pain, particularly his closest friends and colleagues who had participated in the birth and development of the journal. However, following one of Clive’s dearest wishes, Aile continues to live, and will even expand its horizons and ambitions from 2009 on.

2The journal remains devoted to language acquisition/learning, but it now expands its coverage by the introduction of new themes reflecting all dimensions of acquisition and all situations in which different types of learners construct language systems: first and second language acquisition, including the acquisition of sign languages; the relation between co-verbal gestures and speech, the relation between language and cognition during acquisition; bilingual/multilingual speakers; and situations of linguistic contact.

3Furthermore, in order to increase its visibility and impact in the international community, the journal becomes bilingual, now publishing papers in French as well as in English in thematic volumes regularly alternating among the themes of the new journal. Finally, in addition to thematic volumes submitted either spontaneously or in response to large calls for paper by the Editorial Board, new types of publications will be regularly proposed in order to expand exchanges in the domain of language acquisition, for example evaluations of recently published books or the publication of critical articles and of replies.

4These changes also include the renewal of the editorial team, as well as the renewal of its Editorial and Advisory Boards, which have now significantly increased in size in order to represent all the themes covered by the journal. Some of the leading scholars in the domain of language acquisition have accepted to take part in this adventure and to support the journal. We are very grateful to them. From 2010 on the transformation of Aile will be accompanied by a new journal title:


Language, Interaction and Acquisition.

5The mixed title Aile… Lia will ensure a smooth transition during 2009. Under this title, the first volume, edited by Sandra Benazzo, brings together a large number of articles that stand ‘at the crossroads of different types of acquisition’, in order to show how enlightening it is to juxtapose different types of acquisition, of learning situations, and of learners. This opening volume offers varied contributions. Some deal with language acquisition and use within one of the journal themes, others cut across these different themes (the acquisition of foreign languages, of native oral languages and of sign languages, co-verbal gestures during acquisition, creolization phenomena...).

6The renewed editorial team hopes that this first volume will reassure all faithful readers of Aile, and also expand its readership, in order to promote a wide space for information and debates in our domain. While continuing to publish contributions of the highest quality in this domain, the journal can only become richer with a wider range of content, with more varied types of publications, and with a larger community. If we manage to meet this challenge in the coming years, Lia should become one of the outstanding international journals for the study of language acquistion.

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