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The journal AILE addresses questions of acquisition and interaction in foreign languages. This dual direction is a result of the origins of the journal. Founded and supported by the Association Encrages, which has been involved in the organization of conferences on the subject since the end of the 1970s, AILE is the only journal in the French language that deals with the learning and acquisition of foreign languages (and occasionally the mother-tongue) from a psycho-linguistic and cognitive perspective. Observations are often the result of long-term monitoring of language learners of various origins.
After the disappearance of its Director, Clive Perdue, AILE was replaced by the new journal LIA, Langage, Interaction et Acquisition / Language, Interaction and Acquisition. LIA is the direct descendant of AILE. It is a French-English bilingual journal, published by John Benjamins, which produces two volumes per year. The journal continues to focus on language acquisition, but now covers more topics in order to take into account all dimensions of the language-cognition interface during acquisition, as well as all situations in which different types of learners construct language systems: the acquisition of first and foreign languages, including oral and sign languages; gestures and language during acquisition; bilingual or multilingual speakers and situations of languages in contact.
In 2009 the journal published two volumes under the transition title AILE…LIA. A double volume marked its thematic expansion by bringing together a number of articles “At the crossroads of different types of acquisition” (AILE…LIA n°1) and a second volume focused on the acquisition of phonology (AILE…LIA n°2). Since 2010 the journal appears under its new title, LIA.

The journal ceased publishing at Issue 2 | 2009 of Aile…Lia.

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