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30/06/2011, Kurzinfo überarbeitet am 04/07/2011

eScholarship@McGill is McGill University’s Open Access institutional repository for the scholarly works of faculty and students. It contains almost 30.000 (in June 2011) articles, conference papers, books, research projects and theses, full text available to researchers all over the world. eScholarship@McGill is maintained and managed by McGill Library.

The front page offers two options to access material: searching or browsing. Users looking for a specific title or author’s name can launch a search, simple (one field) or advanced (two fields combined). Users preferring to have an overview of materials stored in the eScholarship@McGill can browse publications by collection, Faculty and Department, degree or subject. Honours eTheses and Graduate projects are accessible as well.

Results of both the search and the browsing display in three formats:

- the brief view is a series of thumbnails with bibliographic information underneath (title, name of author, date of publication and Faculty)

- the table view is a list of items (author’s name, title and date of publication)

- the full view is a complete bibliographical record for individual items including an abstract.

Documents open in PDF/A format. They are full-text searchable and can be navigated through using page thumbnails, located on the left-hand side panel. It is as well possible to save, print or email a part or the entire document, either from the list of results (table view) or from the PDF document itself.

Terms of use and more information about authorship rights are available on the following page: Copyright and ePrints.

The site is in English.

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  • > Drs Emily McDonald and Todd Lee's article in JAMA Internal Medicine is in the news

    Dr Emily McDonald and Dr Todd Lee were in the media for their article in JAMA Internal Medicine, that looked at reductions in the acquisition of common multidrug-resistant organisms and nosocomial infections in 100% single-patient rooms compared with ward-type rooms.

    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > Professor Nancy J. Adler wins prestigious Academy of Management award

    At the Academy of Management annual meeting in Boston this year, Desautels Professor Nancy J. Adler received the AMLE Decade Award for her journal article entitled “When Knowledge Wins: Transcending the Sense and Nonsense of Academic Rankings.”

    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > Weighing the value of cryptocurrency

    Professor Fahad Saleh publishes a new paper that examines the social and political impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > Taking risks at Cirque du Soleil

    Professor Karl Moore interviews Cirque du Soleil executive Davide Pisanu about his efforts to navigate change and challenge the status quo in the face of uncertainty.

    Each week as part of his blog on Les Affaires, Karl Moore, Associate Professor in Strategy & Organization at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management, speaks with world-class business leaders about their journey, the latest trends in business, and notably, work-life balance.

    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > Prof. Hewlin on discovering your ‘path of purpose’

    Professor Patricia Hewlin charts her journey from banking in New York to earning a PhD in organizational behavior and joining the Desautels faculty. Through her research on organizational barriers to authenticity, she’s on a mission to help students and leaders create a better workplace.

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    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > IMPM offers unique blend of theory and practice

    McGill’s International Masters’ Program for Managers (IMPM), based on the pedagogy of Professor Henry Mintzberg, takes experienced managers through 16 months of hands-on training to hone their skills. The president of BonBoss, a Quebec-based HR consulting company, joins a training module in Montreal to experience the IMPM in action.

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    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > Job Posting: Family Medicine CFPC Palliative Care Enhanced Skills Program Director

    Reporting directly to the Enhanced Skills Director and the Family Medicine Program Director, the Family Medicine CFPC Palliative Care Program Director is responsible for overseeing the Palliative Care Enhanced Skills (ES) Program for the Department of Family Medicine. Time commitment is estimated at 1/2 day/week - 0.10 FTE (averaged over the year but is variable).

    The responsibilities of the program director, assisted by the residency program committee include:

    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > GIZMODO | Fossil Hunters Found Bones From an Ancient Whale... and Then They Saw the Bite Marks

    The research into these bones culminated in a paper published recently in the journal Palaeontologia Electronica: “Shark-cetacean trophic interactions during the late Pliocene in the Central Eastern Pacific (Panama).”

    The authors determined that these bones belonged to a type of Balaenopterid, a genus of filter-feeding whales that includes today’s humpback and blue whales. Fin bones alone are not enough to determine the exact species or the size of the marine mammal, but these particular b...

  • > Alumna Toni Rinow Appointed CEO of Pivot Pharmaceuticals

    Dr. Toni Rinow (MBA ’06) was recently appointed to serve as the next CEO of Pivot Pharmaceuticals, a Vancouver-based biopharmaceutical company specializing in medical cannabis products.

    With a doctorate in physical chemistry and 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, Dr. Rinow is well-positioned to drive global expansion in key cannabis markets in Canada, the U.S., and the EU.

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    Published: 23Aug2019

  • > MBA alumna using degree to improve U.S.-Japanese business relations

    Professor Karl Moore interviews alumna Laura Younger (MBA’09) about her work as the executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and the practical advantages of earning an MBA.

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    Published: 23Aug2019



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