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Anaïs Salamon

International Journal of Central Asian Studies

13/12/2012, Nota revisada el 13/12/2012

The International Journal of Central Asian Studies is a publication of the Institute of Asian Cultures and Development (IACD). IACD is an international non-governmental organization based in Korea, and founded in 1983. Through scientific activities, IACD aims to support the social, economical and cultural development of Asian countries.

Started in 1996, the International Journal of Central Asian Studies is an annual publication. In every issue, the reader will find contributions from worldwide scholars, focusing on developmental issues in Central Asia. If on the main page of the website only the tables of contents of each issue are accessible online, it is however possible to get the full-text of all articles in PDF format from the “Articles” page. Searching is not an option, but articles are ordered by date of publication (most recent first in the list). They may be displayed and downloaded.

The “Contribution guide” provides guidelines for submissions. Articles are in various languages: English, Turkish, and Russian being the more common ones. And the website interface is bilingual English / Korean.

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