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  • Shii News and Resources is an academic blog created and maintained by Dr. Andrew Neman, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh.If some sections of this very promising website are still under construction, other sections make available to researchers a large amount of primary and secondary sources focusing on Shii Islam from the early ages up to the contemporary period. On the home page, an interesting and regularly updated select(…)
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  • R-Shief is an open and public archive of social medias content with a focus on Middle Eastern Languages. This innovative media system launched in 2009 collects, archives and provides tools for analyzing and visualizing data published on social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. The advisory board is composed of media makers, researchers, and software developers. Today, R-Shief is a unique repository archiving almost six years of multilingual social media, including lots (…)
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  • North Africa & the Middle East 2011-2013 est une collection issue de l'Internet Achive Global Events qui permet de rechercher à travers plus de 17 000 sites web archivées entre 2011 et 2013 sur cinq pays d'Afrique du Nord et du Moyen-orient où des mouvements politiques spontanés ont eu lieu à partir de 2011 : la Syrie (9855 sites), le Yémen (595), Bahrain (465), l'Egypte (355), le Sud Soudan (285). Les archives peuvent être des sites instutionnels, des blogs, des tweets ou des pages de réseau(…)
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