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Anaïs Salamon

Jadaliyya / جدليّة

Notice créée le 16/04/2015, Notice révisée le 05/05/2015

Jadaliyya is a collective ezine [electronicmagazine] launched in 2011 by the Arab Studies Institute, a not-for-profit organization publishing knowledge on the Arab World. With an editorial team, and a constantly growing team of volunteering contributors from the Middle East, Europe, and the United States, Jadaliyya offers an insightful source of information, and critical analysis on the contemporary Arab World.

The posts can be searched by keyword on any page of the blog. Posts can also be browsed by:

  • Category such as Culture, Reports, Interviews, etc. using the menu at the top of page
  • Country such as Egypt, Syria, Arabian Peninsula, etc. using either the top and dropdown menus, or the interactive map
  • Topic using the dropdown menu
  • Tag through the Wordcloud.

In addition, a Quick thoughts section aims to « provide […] background and analysis on topics in the news ».

Primarily in English, the website includes a section in Arabic, and publishes posts in Arabic, French, English and Turkish.

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