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Anaïs Salamon

أرشيف المجلات الأدبية والثقافية العربية

Notice créée le 21/06/2016, Notice révisée le 21/06/2016

The digital archives of Arabic cultural and literary journals offers Open Access to no less than 179 journals, among which some of the most significant periodicals of the 19th-20th centuries from Egypt (al-Hilal, al-Manar, al-Muqtataf, etc.), Palestine (al-Karmal), Syria (Journal of the Arabic Academy of Sciences), or Tunisia (al-Fikr).

In digitizing and making available to scholars the Arab cultural and literary heritage, this project aims to preserve "the Arab identity". It is unfortunate that the website doesn't provide any information on who initiated and is responsible for the project.

The collection can be browsed by country of publication, journal title, and author’s name. Visitors can also search for a specific journal title, author’s name of article title, as well as for any keyword in the indexes of all or one journal. Every journal can be browsed by both year and month of publication. And single issues are browsable with an interactive index that allows to open individual articles within the issue.

The reader in which articles open is the simplest tool: navigation is possible with arrows and a scrollbar, and minus/plus signs allow to zoom-in or out.

The website interface is only in Arabic, and so are the documents archived.

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Anaïs Salamon, « أرشيف المجلات الأدبية والثقافية العربية », Aldébaran, Collections numériques, [En ligne], mis en ligne le 21 juin 2016 17h32. URL : consulté le 12 juillet 2024.

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