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Anaïs Salamon

Database for Ottoman Inscription

Notice créée le 07/01/2017, Notice révisée le 10/01/2019

The Database for Ottoman Inscriptions (DOI) is a digital collection of information about, transliterations, and photos of architectural inscriptions in Turkish, Arabic and Persian created in regions under the Ottoman Rule. This project is co-sponsored by the Turkish Historical Society and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and is coordinated by Hatice Aynur, Professor of Ottoman Literature at İstanbul Şehir University, Kayoko Hayashi. Professor of Ottoman History at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and Hakan Karateke, Professor of Ottoman and Turkish Culture, Language and Literature at the University of Chicago.

The goal of DOI is to record as many Ottoman inscriptions as possible, ensuring that damaged, lost and stolen inscriptions will remain available to researchers conducting studies in the fields of Ottoman history, art history, philology, prosopography, etc. In january 2019, the database included 1901 records.

The Database for Ottoman Inscriptions can be searched by:

  • benefactor’s name
  • location of the building containing the inscription
  • date of construction
  • types of script or poem.

Descriptive records of inscriptions provide substantial information on the text and the location, as well as a full transcription, and high resolution images. For more on how to discover the collection, an instructions guide is accessible.

The website is in English.

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