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Anaïs Salamon

Biblio Pera: Beyoğlu Research Centers Platform & Library Union Catalog

Notice créée le 09/03/2017, Notice révisée le 09/03/2017

Supported by Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), and developed by Koç University Suna Kiraç Library, BiblioPera is the online union catalogue of the Libraries of nine international Research Centers located in Beyoglu, Istanbul. The list of partner institutions is as follow:

BiblioPera brings those multilingual collections together, allowing to search more than 500,000 print materials, by title, author, subject, publisher, keyword and ISBN. Results can further be refined by library, language, and year of publication.]

In addition, BiblioPera aims at promoting historical, archaeological, and social scientific research on Turkey, and at providing a unique virtual environment for scholars, research center staff, and librarians to share ideas, experiences, and collaborate on new projects, for scientific and cultural production.

The website interface is available in Turkish and English.

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