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Anaïs Salamon

Center for Islamic Shi’a Studies

Notice créée le 01/06/2017, Notice révisée le 09/06/2017

The Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies (CISS) is a London (U.K.) based research center dedicated to intellectual traditions and scholarly production of Shi’a Muslims and/or people interested in Shi’a Islam. CISS’ mission is to provide an informed Shi’a perspective on both traditional and contemporary issues, offer insightful analysis in the wide range of disciplines included in the field of Islamic and Middle East Studies, and support the advancement of Shi’a scholarship exploring religions in their social and cultural context. To do so, the Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies hosts seminars, workshops, and conferences, engaging academics and institutions from the United Kingdom and the Muslim World, and supports the production of scholarly publications, and bibliographic materials.

CISS’ website can be navigated through the seven tabs top menu. Four sections are particularly relevant for scholars:

- News/Media includes information ranging from internship opportunities, to announcement of publications, or research methodology guides

- CISS Events promotes past and upcoming events organized and/or hosted by the Centre

- the Q&A leads to short encyclopedic entries for specific Shi’a and/or Muslim terms, concepts, personal names

- Shiapedia offers lengthy and well-referenced articles answering general questions such as “What is Islam?”, defining very specialized terms like “al-Tawhid”, or listing Shii Holy celebrations.

In addition, the Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies publishes a bilingual (English/Arabic) academic quarterly entitled “Shi’a Studies” edited by Professor Oliver Scharbrodt, Director of the University of Chester Center for Islamic Studies. PDFs of three issues published in 2015 and 2016 can be accessed, downloaded, saved and/or printed from the home page.

Last, The Holy Qur’an link located at the top right corner of each page leads to a full-text searchable English translation of the Qur’an

The website is in English.

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