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  • Hikmat is an academic blog created in 2007, and maintained since then by an anonymous British Academic calling himself Mulla Sadra. This scholar specializes in the intellectual history of the Muslim world throughout the ages, with a focus on philosophy and theology. Hikmat includes almost 150 scholarly book and article critical reviews written over the years by the blog owner. If the frequency of publication is irregular, reviews are lengthy, well referenced, and deeply analytical. A (…)
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  • The Centre for Islamic Shi’a Studies (CISS) is a London (U.K.) based research center dedicated to intellectual traditions and scholarly production of Shi’a Muslims and/or people interested in Shi’a Islam. CISS’ mission is to provide an informed Shi’a perspective on both traditional and contemporary issues, offer insightful analysis in the wide range of disciplines included in the field of Islamic and Middle East Studies, and support the advancement of Shi’a scholarship exploring religions in (…)
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