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Anaïs Salamon

Shi'i News and Resources

Notice créée le 30/11/2018, Notice révisée le 07/02/2019

Shi'i News and Resources is an initiative of Dr. Andrew J Newman, Professor of Islamic Studies and Persian at the University of Edinburgh aiming at documenting not only the history and geography of Shi'i populations but also the daily media coverage of Shi'ism.

To do so, the website offers selections of resources ranging from Introductory works to focused works on Shi’i rituals, history and sects, access to no less than sixty country profiles including dedicated news stream and discussion forum; selections of useful links to digital collections, manuscripts and  rare books sites, News agencies, Shi’i communities Worldwide sites, Anti-Shi’i sites. SNR also intends on publishing peer-reviewed monographs, books chapters and journal articles reviews, however, the section was empty at the time of our visit.

In addition, Shi'i News and Resources documents two on-going collaborative research projects entitled The Unthought in Islam and The Subalterns Project involving international workshops held between 2015 and 2017. Papers abstracts or YouTube videos of the presentations are available on each workshop page.

Last, SNR collects and publishes academic events announcements in the Field-Specific (academic) section as well as job, fellowship, and scholarship postings in the field in the Academic Items section.

The website is only available in English.

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21e siècle

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