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Anaïs Salamon

The Center for Palestine Studies (CPS)

Notice créée le 01/06/2020, Notice révisée le 02/06/2020

The Center for Palestine Studies (CPS) was established in 2010 to honor the memory of Edward Said (1934-2003) who taught English and Comparative Literature for forty years at Columbia University. Aiming at supporting and promoting the academic research and teaching on Palestine within the University and beyond, CPS acts not only as a home for local faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and students in a wide-range of disciplins, but also as a connector with other institutions and scholars to strengthen the scholarly study of Palestine and Palestinians throughout the World.

CPS oversees a number of research projects aimed at making available research materials, and in particular primary source matetrials, to scholars interested in Palestine and the Palestinians:

1. Al Quds Archive was developed in collaboration with the Institute for Palestine Studies in Ramallah and makes available issues 1 to 391 of the privately owned daily newspaper Al-Quds established in 1908.

2. Dream of a Nation is a based film project aiming at preserving and promoting Palestinian cinema and filmmakers.

3. Edward Said Archive is a collection of resources (personal archives, lectures, interviews and documentaries, bibliographies, etc.) on Edward Said (1935-2003).

4. Palestinian village histories, geographies of the displaced documents the depopulation and destruction of almost 40 villages in 1948 by collecting and publishing personnal accounts of people who remember the villages.

5. Families interrupted is a series of anonymous photographical portraits capturing the day-to-day reality of Palestinian families living under Israeli occupation.

6. The Nakba Files is a project conducted in collaboration with Adalah, the legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, exploring "new approaches to Law in Israel/Palestine."

7. Palestinians and the city focuses on how Palestinian writers perceive their city/village or origin, drawing a literary map of Palestine.

8. Oral history project was launched in January 2010 in Bourj al-Barajneh, a refugee camp in Lebanon, when a group of young people decided to record interviews of elders of the camp focusing on village customs and traditions, special dishes and accents, and village economies and relations with towns.

9. Jerusalem Maps makes available maps of Jerusalem, both historical and contemporary, to serve as a tool for researchers.

10. Postcard collection makes available historical postcards of Palestine documenting the human existence of Palestinians, some acts of resistance to occupation, as well as monuments and places.

11. Palestine poster project makes available an interesting collection of historical posters donated to Columbia University Library by the Palestine Poster Project Archive.

Terms of use for materials in these collections are not always clearly stated, and may vary from one collection to another: researchers should contact the appropriate project team to inquire about any restrictions before using, reproducing, publishing any image, map or textual content.

The Center for Palestine Studies portal is in English.

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