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Vidéos du webinaire 2018 "Innovation pédagogique, numérique et apprentissage des langues"

Evaluating the impact of telecollaborative exchange in university education

Robert O'Dowd

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This presentation reported on the EVALUATE (Evaluating and Upscaling Telecollaborative Teacher Education) project. This was a European Policy Experiment (EPE) project funded by Erasmus+ Key Action 3 which examined the impact of Virtual Exchange on students and teachers of Initial Teacher Education. The project ran from January 2017 until September 2019.

Virtual Exchange is an educational approach which involves the engagement of groups of learners in extended periods of online intercultural interaction and collaboration with international partner classes as an integrated part of their educational programmes and under the guidance of their teachers or online facilitators. Virtual Exchange is based on student-centred, international and collaborative approaches to learning where knowledge and understanding are constructed through online interaction and negotiation with students from other cultures.

The aim of policy experimentations is to assess the effectiveness and potential scalability of innovative policy measures through experimental or semi-experimental approaches. This particular EPE evaluated the impact of class to class Virtual Exchange on student teachers involved in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) (also referred to as "pre-service" education) in European countries and regions.

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Les liens externes étaient valides à la date de publication.

Les liens externes étaient valides à la date de publication.

O'Dowd, R. (2018). "From telecollaboration to Virtual Exchanges: state-of-the-art and the role of UNICollaboration in moving forward". Journal of Virtual Exchange, vol. 1. pp. 1-23.

O'Dowd, R. & Lewis, T. (eds.) (2016). Online Intercultural Exchange: policy, pedagogy, practice. London: Routledge.

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Robert O'Dowd, « Evaluating the impact of telecollaborative exchange in university education », Alsic [En ligne], Vol. 22, n° 1 | 2019, mis en ligne le 15 mars 2019, Consulté le 27 septembre 2020. URL :

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Robert O'Dowd

Robert O'Dowd is Associate Professor of English as a Foreign Language and Applied Linguistics at the University of León, Spain. He has taught at universities in Ireland, Germany, and Spain and has published widely on the application of Virtual Exchange in university education. His most recent publication is the co-edited volume Online Intercultural Exchange Policy, Pedagogy, Practice for Routledge. He is currently the lead researcher on the European Commission’s Erasmus plus KA3 project Evaluating and Upscaling Telecollaborative Teacher Education (EVALUATE) (582934-EPP-1-2016-2-ES-EPPKA3-PI-POLICY). His publications are available on his website and you can follow him on twitter @robodowd.
Affiliation: University of León.

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