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Presentation of the Journal


Alsic (Language Learning and Information and Communication Systems) is an online journal aimed at researchers and practitioners working in areas related to its scope, that is to say language learning and teaching using digital technologies.

Alsic wishes to give experienced and young researchers as well as practitioners a forum where they can express themselves, give or get information, exchange ideas in a form that, thanks to its publishing choices, is easily available to all. Since the publication of its first volume in 1998, Alsic has been exclusively published online. Promoting and defending open access scientific publishing has always been important to the editorial team.

The scientific committee brings together renowned researchers from different countries. The selection procedure for the Research column, as well as for the Practice and research column, follows strict scientific criteria. All submitted papers are anonymously double-blind peer-reviewed by two or three experts. The procedure is suitably adapted for the other columns.

Alsic publishes texts in French as well as in English and other languages, German in particular, in order to disseminate research results as widely as possible. With this in mind, each paper includes an abstract in another language.

Editorial definition

Title: Alsic

Subtitle: Apprentissage des langues et systèmes d’information et de communication

ISSN electronic edition: 1286-4986

Frequency: publication on a rolling basis, with one to three issues per year

Date created: 1998

Publisher: Adalsic

Rights and licensing

Publication in open access

Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International - CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Publication costs for authors

Publication fees: no

Submission fees: no

Review policy

Review process: peer review

Average time between submission and publication: 20 weeks

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