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Sélection de parutions

Sélection de parutions 2020

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Parutions en anglais

Blake, R. J. & Gullien, G. (2020)

1Brave new digital classroom: Technology and foreign language learning. 3rd edition
Washington: Georgetown University Press.
ISBN: 978-1626167407

Dupuy, B. & Grosbois, M. (dir.) (2020)

2Language learning and professionalization in higher education: pathways to preparing learners and teachers in/for the 21st century.
ISBN: 978-2-490057-75-7

Hauck, M. & Müller-Hartmann, A. (dir.) (2020)

3Virtual exchange and 21st century teacher education – short papers from the 2019 EVALUATE conference.
ISBN: 978-2-490057-80-1

Helm, F. & Beaven, A. (dir.) (2020)

4Designing and implementing virtual exchange – a collection of case studies
ISBN: 978-2-490057-72-6

Oskoz, A. & Vinagre, M. (dir.) (2020)

5Understanding attitude in intercultural virtual communication
Sheffield: Equinox Publishing.
ISBN: 9781781799383

Russel, V. & Murphy-Judy, K. (2020)

6Teaching language online. A guide for designing, developing and delivering online, blended, and flipped language courses.
London: Routledge.
ISBN: 978-1138387003

Toffoli, D. (2020)

7Informal Learning and Institution-wide Language Provision. University Language Learners in the 21st Century.
New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
ISBN: 978-3-030-37876-9

Weller, M. (2020)

825 years of Ed Tech
Athabasca, CA: Athabasca University Press.
ISBN: 9781771993067

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