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  • Número especial | II | 2022
    Walter Benjamin, materiales antropológicos
    Distensiones de lo humano
    Extracto de

    La presente edición de Anthropology & Materialism, correspondiente a nuestro segundo número especial, está dedicada a una exploración de los motivos y los conceptos antropológicos en la filosofía de Walter Benjamin. En las contribuciones a este número se estudia la concepción antropológica benjaminiana en su confrontación con las antropologías filosóficas y la Teoría Crítica, así como con ciertas concepciones de la teoría freudiana de la cultura. También se profundiza el c(...)

  • 4 | 2019
    Art and Technique: A Framework of Unaccomplished Promises
  • Special Issue | I | 2017
    Discontinuous Infinities
    Walter Benjamin and Philosophy
    Cover A&M Special Issue I - 2017. Discontinous Infinities

    This special issue of Anthropology & Materialism is dedicated to the philosophy of Walter Benjamin. On the one hand, the pieces collected here explore Benjamin’s relation to a range of canonical figures, whose work significantly influenced his own thinking (Kant, Fichte, Marx, Cohen, Husserl, Freud etc.); on the other hand, they put his philosophy into relation with a range of more recent thinkers (Saussure, Blanchot, Lacan, Derrida, Esposito, Hardt and Negri etc.). All th(...)

  • 3 | 2016
    Utopia: The Elsewhere and The Otherwise
    Cover A&M n° 3 - 2016. Utopia: The Elsewhere and The Otherwise

    The third issue of Anthropology & Materialism embarks on a trip to the land of utopia. Waving goodbye to the "end of history", the contributions gathered in this issue explore multiple forms of longing for an elsewhere and an otherwise. They show that utopia still inhabits the existing world, be it in the shape of dialectical images, artistic experiments or political movements.

  • 2 | 2014
    The Persistence of Myth
    Cover A&M n° 2 - 2014. The Persistence of Myth

    The second issue of Anthropology & Materialism explores the effects of the mythical in modern societies. By following the path of social researchers like Walter Benjamin, Susan Buck-Morss, Roger Caillois, Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari and Jacques Rancière we try to understand how the mythical is embedded in modern society and its impact on knowledge, politics and everyday experience.

  • 1 | 2013
    Across the Fields
    Cover A&M n° 1 - 2013. Across the Fields

    This first issue is dedicated to the exploration of the field opened up by the encounter between anthropology and materialism. Situating Walter Benjamin's anthropological materialism within the Frankfurt School tradition of a critique of a positive anthropology, the issue explores social practices (radio making for children), contemporary phenomena (urban phantasmagorias), as well as aesthetic and political philosophical themes such as surrealism and romanticism, the 'weak(...)

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