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  • Winslow Homer, Ambrose Andrews, Briton Rivière, Sharon Lockhart, Anonymous, Marcus Gheeraerts I, Gawen Hamilton, Sir John Everett Millais, Thomas Rowlandson, Marion Post Wolcott, John Rogers, Mary Sargant Florence, Thomas Anshutz, Sir William Reynolds-Stephens and George Cruikshank
    Graphic Interlude [Full text]
    Are you Game?
    Published in Angles, 11 | 2020
  • Fergus Fields, Carol M. Highsmith, Walker Evans, Samuel J. Beckett, Thomas C. Roche, Alexander Gardner and John Collet
    Graphic Interlude [Full text]
    Unstable states, mutable conditions
    Published in Angles, 4 | 2017
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