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No.26 Nouns. Contemporary Perspectives

Deadline for sending in the proposals: 31 May 2018

Anglophonia’s next issue is a thematic issue entitled Nouns: Contemporary Perspectives. Proposals should be sent to and to before 31 May 2018. This issue of the journal will bring together papers dealing with nouns, and submissions can focus on all subjects having to do with phonology, morphology or syntax, as well as with questions of meaning. Although the following list of topics is by no means exhaustive, some possible directions for research will be outlined: nouns as a lexical category, nominalisations, number as a nominal category within the noun phrase, semantic typologies of nouns (continuous vs. discontinuous, common vs. proper nouns, shell-nouns etc.). Theoretical frameworks and constructs can also be subjected to analysis, whether they originate in linguistics or in related disciplinary fields: for example, the concepts of prototype, of rigid designator or of individual, to name but a few.

True to its original vocation, Anglophonia welcomes studies in English linguistics from all theoretical backgrounds, whether explicitly conducted in relation to general linguistics or not. This particular issue is also open to papers in contrastive linguistics involving both English and French.


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