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The Journal’s Committees and how they work

Anglophonia is a peer-reviewed Journal run under the auspices of two Committees, one of which determines its editorial policy, and the other which assesses papers for publication.

The Editorial Committee, comprised of eight members, meets twice a year to validate the editorial process and take related decisions (topics, sections, guest editors, choice of reviewers). The head of this committee is elected by its members for a two-year renewable mandate. His or her job is to monitor the Journal’s editorial process and website at regular intervals, and to pursue contacts with contributors and authors, as well as with the publishers and the distributor.

The Editorial Committee ensures and implements the process of assessing scholarly articles according to the double-blind principle. It also appoints referees for each issue from within the Reviewing Committee, and takes decisions on special contributions or those concerning specific sections (reviews, testimonies, tributes, etc.).

The Reviewing Committee is comprised of French and foreign academic personalities capable of assessing research papers in both French and English. The list of its members is approved each year by the Journal’s Editorial Committee.

The Editorial Committee and the Reviewing Committee are responsible for ensuring the openness of the Journal’s scientific scope and strengthening its ability to encompass all the theoretical sensitivities reflected in the approaches of linguists conducting research on English in the French university sector, whilst also welcoming contributions from foreign researchers who choose this Journal with a view to sharing their work.

However, the choice of a French-language publication that accepts proposals in French and in English and which contributes to the dissemination of the work of French researchers bearing on the English language does not constrain potential authors to any one school of thought or theoretical stance. Furthermore, the Journal’s Committees both pay special attention to the scientific quality and the diversity of articles submitted for publication.

The two issues published each year may address specific topics, in which case a co-guest editor may be appointed to help plan them, in agreement with the Editorial Committee. These issues, which are intended to embrace a problematic related to the state of the art in linguistic research into English, are announced beforehand on the Journal’s website, in order to encourage the widest possible range of contributions. A regularly appearing section entitled “Miscellanea” will also contain contributions selected from those submitted to the Journal each semester. Lastly, it should be noted that testimonies, interviews and reviews which refer to scientific research in English linguistics may be submitted to the Editorial Committee.

Editorial Committee

Head: Henri Le Prieult (U. Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)
Jean Albrespit (U. Pau Pays de l’Adour)
Daniel Huber (U. Toulouse-Jean Jaurès)
Jean-Rémi Lapaire (U. Montaigne Bordeaux 3)
Blandine Pennec (U. Toulouse-Jean Jaurès)
Dennis Philps (U. Toulouse-Jean Jaurès)
Wilfrid Rotgé (U. Paris Sorbonne)
Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud (U. Toulouse-Jean Jaurès).

Reviewing Committee

ALBRESPIT, Jean (U. Montaigne Bordeaux 3), ALI, Saandia (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), ANDRIEU, Wilfrid (U. Aix-Marseille), BAILLER, Nicolas (U. Paris Diderot), BENIGON, Stéphanie (U. Sorbonne), BONNEFILLE, Stéphanie (U. Montaigne Bordeaux 3), BOURSE, Sarah (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), BRULARD-CARR, Ines (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), BUTLER, Robert (U. Lorraine), BUSCAIL, Laurie (U. Perpignan Via Dominitia), CARPITELLI, Elisabetta (U. Grenoble), CHATELLIER, Hugo (U. Paris Nanterre), CHAUVIN, Catherine (U. Lorraine), CORRE, Eric (U. Paris 3), DE MATTIA-VIVIES, Monique (U. Aix-Marseille), DELESSE, Catherine (U. Lorraine), DESAGULIER, Guillaume (U. Paris 8), EDMONDS, Amanda (U. Montpellier 3), FERRAGNE, Emmanuel (U. Paris Diderot), FOURNIER, Pierre (U. Aix-Marseille), FUCHS, Yann (U. Paris 3), FURMANIAK, Grégory (U. Sorbonne Nouvelle), GARDELLE, Laure (U. Grenoble), GARNIER, Marie (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), GAUDY, Isabelle (U. Lorraine), GILBERT, Eric (U. Caen), GLAIN, Olivier (U. St Etienne), HERMENT, Sophie (U. Aix-Marseille), HUBER, Daniel (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), ICHE, Virginie (U. Montpellier 3), JAMET Denis (U. Lyon 3), JOBERT, Manuel (U. Lyon 3), JOSSELIN-LERAY, Amélie (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), KUPSC, Anna (U. Bordeaux Montaigne), LACASSAIN-LAGOIN, Christelle (U. Pau Pays de l'Adour), LACOSTE, Véronique (U. Lyon 2), LAPAIRE, Jean-Rémi (U. Montaigne Bordeaux 3), LE PRIEULT, Henri (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), LEONARDUZZI, Laetitia (U. Aix-Marseille), LEVILLAIN, Pauline (U. Albi), LOWREY, Brian (U. Picardie), MARTY, Caroline (U. Paris Sorbonne), McINTYRE, Andrew (U. Berlin), MCMICHAEL, Andrew (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), MELIS, Gérard (U. Paris Diderot), MIGNOT, Elise (U. Paris Sorbonne), MILLER, Philip (U. Paris Diderot), MOORE, Susan (U. Limoges), NAPOLI, Jocelyne (U. Toulouse 3), PAULIN, Catherine (Strasbourg), PENNEC, Blandine (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), PERCEBOIS, Jacqueline (U. Aix-Marseille), PRZEWOZNY-DESRIAUX, Anne (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), RANGER, Graham (U. Avignon), RENNER, Vincent (U. Lyon 2), RICHARD, Isabelle (U. Nantes), ROCQ-MIGETTE, Christiane (U. Sorbonne), ROTGE, Wilfrid (U. Paris Sorbonne), ROUVEYROL, Laurent (U. Nice), SALKIE, Raphaël (U. Brighton), SCHNEEBELI, Célia (U. Dijon), SEKALI, Martine (U. Nanterre Paris 10), SIMONIN, Olivier (U. Perpignan Via Dominicia), SIMPSON, Tracey (U. Pau), SORLIN, Sandrine (U. Montpellier 3), SZLAMOWICZ, Jean (U. Bourgogne), TERRIER, Linda (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), TRAPATEAU, Nicolas (U. Nice), TRIM, Richard (U. Toulon), TURCSAN, Gabor (U. Aix-Marseille), VILLERS, Damien (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), VINCENT-ARNAUD, Nathalie (U. Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), VIOLLAIN, Cécile (U. Paris Nanterre), WILHELM, Stephan (U. Grenoble).

in memoriam : Françoise Dubois-Charlier, Hervé Fourtina, Andrée-Marie Harmat, Walter Hirtle.

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