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Notes for contributors

Instructions for submission

Authors may submit contributions in electronic form to the Head of the Editorial Committee by email ( throughout the year. Texts must be submitted in an interoperable format (Microsoft WORD DOC) accompanied, when required, by any type of file in which the document is reproduced with better likeness to and/or in better compliance with the original (PDF in the case of special characters, audio files, images, etc.). The Journal encourages the use of all types of media if this enhances the quality of the demonstration proposed by the author.

Contributors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material of which they do not own copyright, and for ensuring that the appropriate acknowledgements are included in their manuscript.

They must also comply strictly with the Journal’s stylesheet, which may be downloaded from the address below. Proposals which do not follow this stylesheet will not be accepted by the Editorial Committee.

Contributors must take particular care to anonymise their texts by highlighting any details which may lead to them being identified. The Head of the Editorial Committee will then anonymise the document in totality and decide whether to delete highlighted passages before forwarding it to the Committee and to the referees nominated.

All types of proposals for reviews, tributes, interviews and testimonies may be sent to the Head of the Editorial Committee for assessment by the latter.

Publishing schedule

The Journal publishes two issues per year, at the end of each semester. Proposals for inclusion are categorized according to the topic chosen or their rate of arrival. Contributions for the following year’s issues are accepted until 15 December and 15 May respectively. They are examined by the Editorial Committee in January and June, and are assessed in January/February and June/July of each year. Any requests for modification will be sent out in February/March and July/August to authors, who have one month in which to return the final version of their text. They will then be contacted, in May and October respectively, to validate the online version. Issues will be published online at the end of each semester.

Authors’ contracts and online procedure

Once their proposal has been accepted, authors must download the contract below and return it to the Editorial Committee, duly filled in and signed, before their contribution can be published.

Authors must agree to double check their contribution once it has become available online in compliance with the schedule notified to them by the Head of the Editorial Committee, who will also inform them of the URL address allowing them access to the production site. They may then forward requests for modification, accompanied by paragraph numbers, directly from this site according to the following format: paragraph #, instead of “…”, read “…”. Only those requests which bear strictly on the text accepted by the Editorial Committee and subsequently corrected by the author(s) after assessment will be taken into consideration.


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