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The Annales islamologiques is a multidisciplinary review founded in 1954 by the Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale (IFAO) in Cairo. It appears annually, publishing original studies in French, English and Arabic about Egypt and the Arab-Muslim world. Each issue, since No. 41 (2007), consists of a thematic section and miscellaneous articles.

The Annales islamologiques accepts as a priority, but not exclusively, articles about Egypt, which has made it the review of reference on the history of this country from the 7th century onwards. Nonetheless, it remains open to all periods and all countries in the Arab-Muslim cultural area since the advent of Islam, as well as to all disciplines: history, art history, archaeology, conservation and restoration, linguistics, literature, law, religion, history of science and ethnology.

The review publishes articles of any length, including those with extensive illustrations, as well as editions of texts and objects, making it altogether adapted for works of scholarship. Academic quality is guaranteed by the submission of each article to external referees. The scientific committee, composed of 17 members (6 French and 11 non-French) reflects the multidisciplinary character that the review professes.

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