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Instructions for Authors

The editors of L'Année du Maghreb accept only unpublished articles based on original researches. Submission to any other journal is prohibited while the article is under review by the editorial board (3 months maximum).

Texts must be sent in Word format (.doc or .docx), accompanied by 2 abstracts and 5 keywords in French and 5 keywords in English.

Texts submitted for publication must comply with the guidelines outlined below.

Length and presentation

The article must be between 30,000 and 35,000 characters maximum.

The text is in Garamond 11or 12 as well as the titles and subtitles (Garamond 12) presented as follows
- Heading 1: in bold, left aligned
- Heading 2: in italics, left aligned
- Avoid the use of level 3 headings

Footnotes (continuous numbering) are in Garamond 10.

Summary and keywords

Texts must be sent in Word format (.doc or .docx), they must be accompanied by :
- an exhaustive summary (600 to 700 words) in French or English, that clearly states the starting hypothesis and the thesis of the article; that summarizes the main parts of the article; that indicates the sources on which it is based
- 5 key words in French and 5 key words in English that must appear in a precise order: period, places, people, institutions, works.


All the transliteration standards (Arabic and Berber) are available at this address: (Arabic) (Berber)

Inclusive writing

Gender-neutral writing is recommended but not mandatory.
- Try to use the masculine and feminine forms of words (actors and actresses)
- Favour the use of epicene forms (members, persons)

Bibliographic references

References and citation references are referred to in the text as : (Boissevain, 2013, p.47); (Krefa, 2008); (Boissevain, 2013, p.47; Krefa, 2008, p.69).

All references and bibliographies are grouped at the end of the document in the classic form, alphabetically, then chronologically and detailing the first names of the authors.


Bennani-Chraïbi Mounia, Fillieule Olivier, 2003, Résistances et protestations dans les sociétés musulmanes, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po.

Paper in a review

Griveaud Delphine, Lefranc Sandrine, 2020, « La justice transitionnelle, un monde-carrefour : Contribution à une sociologie des professions internationales », Cultures & Conflits, 119-120, p. 39-65.

Baamara Layla, 2016, « L’écart difficile aux routines contestataires dans les mobilisations algériennes de 2011 », in Hmed Choukri et Jeanpierre Laurent (dir.), dossier « Révolutions et crises politiques : Maghreb/Machrek », Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales, 211-212, p. 109-125.

Book chapter

Lefranc Sandrine, 2016, « la justice transitionnelle, une justice pour les temps nouveaux ? » in Gobe Éric (dir.), Des justices en transition dans le monde arabe ? Contributions à une réflexion sur les rapports entre justice et politique, Rabat, Centre Jacques Berque, p. 211-234.

Internet ressources

Berriane Yasmina et Rignal Karen, 2017 « La fabrique de la coutume au Maroc : le droit des femmes aux terres collectives », Cahiers du Genre, 62,

Citation forms and typographical rules

- Partial quotations will be integrated into the current text (Normal) between French quotation marks ("/").
- Longer quotations (more than 3 lines) form a separate paragraph highlighted by indentation on the left and right.
- Cuts and truncated sentences must be indicated by [...].
- Extracts from interviews do not appear in quotation marks when they are highlighted in a separate paragraph.
- Titles of books and journals, Latin phrases (sometimes abbreviated), et al, ibid, id, in, infra, loc cit, op cit, supra, and foreign words should be italicized.

Internet citations

For any document (cartoon, photograph, press article, Facebook page, radio or television broadcast...):

NAME AUTHOR, first name author, date, title in italics, [nature of the document in brackets], complete URL address

If there is no author, file directly to title:

Title in italics, date, [nature of the document photograph, illustration, etc.], complete URL

Images and graphics

If the article includes images and graphics, they should be sent separately, named and numbered according to their place in the text.

In the case of images, the author must ensure that he/she as the rights to publish them and that he/she has a high-resolution version that will be transmitted to the editor.

On-line publications

By publishing in L'Année du Maghreb, the author authorizes the journal to reproduce and disseminate the contribution through electronic portals and digital media that have concluded an agreement with CNRS Éditions.

Document annexe

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