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116 | 2018
Annuaire du Collège de France 2015-2016
Résumé des cours et travaux 116e année
Autres enseignements et recherches
III. Équipes accueillies au Collège de France
Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en biologie (CIRB)

Interactions neurogliales en physiopathologie cérébrale / Neuroglial interactions in cerebral physiopathology

Centre international de recherche en biologie (CIRB)
Nathalie Rouach
p. 653-655

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Responsable : Nathalie Rouach


1Astrocytes play critical roles in brain development, activity and disorders through dynamic interactions with neurons. However, comprehensive molecular description of such modulations is still limited. This last year we investigated the role of several astroglial properties in neurotransmission, including their network organization mediated by gap junction channels (1), potassium uptake by Kir4.1 channels (2) and calcium signaling (3). 1) We have investigated the role of gap-junction mediated astroglial networks in neuronal synchronization (Chever et al., 2016). Using knockout mice for astroglial connexins, we found that astroglial networks promote population bursts in hippocampal slices. Astroglial networks indeed limited neuronal depolarization induced by spontaneous synaptic activity, enhanced release probability, and promoted neuronal recruitment during bursting, thus favoring synchronized activation of neuronal networks. This translated in vivo into an enhanced severity of epileptiform events and convulsive behavior. Altogether, these data reveal that gap-junction mediated astroglial networks coordinate bursting of neuronal ensembles, which aggravates pathological network activity. This study thus provides molecular and biophysical evidence predicting selective inhibitors of astroglial gap junction channels as anticonvulsive drugs. 2) We also examined the role of Kir4.1 channels in the neuroglial potassium cycle during neurotransmission using mathematical modeling and physiology. We found that astrocytes uptake in less than 10 seconds more than 80 % of the neuronal released potassium in response to basal, repetitive and tetanic stimulations, which prevent the generation of epileptiform activity in the hippocampus. We also showed that Kir4.1 channels particularly regulate neuronal excitability for 3-10 Hz rhythmic activity, suggesting an important contribution in theta rhythmic activity. 3) Finally using dual recordings of astroglial calcium signaling and synaptic transmission, we demonstrated that calcium signaling of astrocytes, thought to represent their excitability, shows, concomitantly to excitatory synapses, short term plasticity. We also found that this calcium signaling decreases basal transmission and short term plasticity of hippocampal excitatory synapses. Altogether, these results suggest that fine tuning of various astroglial properties are involved to ensure proper synaptic function.


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Nathalie Rouach, « Interactions neurogliales en physiopathologie cérébrale / Neuroglial interactions in cerebral physiopathology », L’annuaire du Collège de France, 116 | 2018, 653-655.

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Nathalie Rouach, « Interactions neurogliales en physiopathologie cérébrale / Neuroglial interactions in cerebral physiopathology », L’annuaire du Collège de France [En ligne], 116 | 2018, mis en ligne le 02 juillet 2018, consulté le 30 juin 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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