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111 | 2012
Annuaire du Collège de France 2010-2011
Résumé des cours et travaux 111e année
Conférenciers invités

‘Confucian’ Values and Practices in Han China

Michael Loewe
p. 892

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1Categorization of the ideas and writings of a number of thinkers under the general terms of Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism, however useful in the formation or description of the Chinese tradition, may often be anachronistic or invalid and is perhaps to be regarded as outmoded.

2Considerable doubt attends an assumption that Han China was characterized as ‘Confucian’ with the implication of an acknowledged set of ideas or system of thought and practice that regulated public life. While elements that were prominent in the ‘Confucianism’ of Tang and Song may be recognized, they do not appear conspicuously before about 50 BCE, to be promoted under Wang Mang and to achieve a growing and more marked influence during Eastern Han. Before regarding them as being dominant, attention is due to other modes of thought that were prevalent in Han times.

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Cours et travaux du Collège de France. Annuaire 111e année, Collège de France, Paris, avril 2012, p. 892. ISBN 978-2-7226-0156-7

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Michael Loewe, « ‘Confucian’ Values and Practices in Han China », L’annuaire du Collège de France [En ligne], 111 | 2012, mis en ligne le 22 novembre 2013, consulté le 25 mai 2018. URL :

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Michael Loewe

Professeur émérite à l’Université de Cambridge (Royaume-Uni)

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