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Created in 1966, the journal Antiquités africaines deals with the history and archeology of North Africa, from protohistory to Arab conquest. It includes studies on historical geography, civilization, administrative and military organization, economy, social life and religious history. These themes are approached from literary sources and archaeological evidence such as ceramics, epigraphy, mosaics, sculpture, numismatics, architecture or urban planning. Each year, the journal is enriched with a new issue presenting original research articles by specialists from various countries. In addition, a thematic folder includes articles related to ceramics.

The journal is managed by the Camille Jullian Center (UMR 7299) since 1993. It is printed and distributed by CNRS Éditions, owner of the title of the journal.

The Reading Committee meets annually to determine the acceptability of the articles based on expert reports rigorously selected according to their competencies. The experts are usually selected from the members of the Editorial Board, comprising specialists from various laboratories, both French and foreign, but may also be external depending on the topics covered.

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