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25 | 2022
Matérialités soignantes : les technologies du care en santé

Caring materialities : technologies of care in health and medicine
Les technologies du care en santé, couverture
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What is the place of health technologies in care? Should the distant coldness of the instrumental means of cure be strictly opposed to the warm proximity of human relations of care? How do the increasingly complex socio-technical devices, omnipresent nowadays in the healthcare field, contribute to redefining the relations of care (care of oneself and care of others)? This issue, positioned at the crossroads of the anthropology of health and the anthropology and sociology of science and technology, aims to show that studying equipment and material practices constitutes a rich entry point to understanding the meanings of care in contemporary health worlds. Addressing various health contexts, the contributions gathered here highlight not only the fact that technologiesusedcan be fully integrated into attentive and personalized care relationships and practices, but also that the care comes to technologies through collective work, made of adjustments, negotiations, appropriations, not devoid of tensions and ambivalences, which gives rise to many material dimensions of care.

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