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19 | 2019
Face aux risques médicamenteux

Facing drug risks
Couverture A&S 19
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Credits: Colcanopa pour Le Monde

Never before have drugs been subjected to so many measures meant to guarantee their safety. However, drugs raise many concerns among users, health professionals and legislators who must ensure - to varying degrees - that they are not harmful, whether in terms of distribution, prescription or consumption. As a counterpoint to the medical posture usually adopted to address drug risks, this special issue aims to give a voice to actors: patients, prescribers, pharmacists and institutions. It highlights their ability to act while they seek to measure, mitigate or counter the risks to which they believe they are exposed or expose others. The issues explored, the situations examined and the themes discussed in this special issue make it a relevant reading for doctors, pharmacists, patients or users, health institutions and the pharmaceutical industry in addition to social science researchers. Based on empirical work in anthropology, sociology and history, the papers take readers into both the great and the small history, and invite them to grasp what the singular trajectories of individuals reveal about the problem of drug risk in various sociological, historical and political context.

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