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20 | 2020
Les vies de la psychiatrie et la reconfection de l’ordinaire

Psychiatric lives and the reweaving of the ordinary
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Credits : Emile Moutaud

Psychiatry is constantly being questioned about what it means to "treat" someone, but also about what it means to "live well" when suffering from a chronic mental illness. On what criteria should well-being be assessed? Can the care deviate from the desires of the person? Are the objectives different between cure, rehabilitation, or recovery? To what extent can an individual be encouraged to be autonomous? This issue aims to highlight an important part of psychiatry daily life where these questions are concretely at stake: the work of reweaving an "ordinary" life, and the criteria for defining what this life could be made of. The ordinary in care practice constitutes precisely what is jeopardized by the mental disorder but also sometimes by its treatment. This issue is structured around three major developments: the growing place of the discourse of people suffering from mental disorders; the rise of the recovery; and the development of an anthropology of hidden potential. These developments provide information concerning the conceptions of what a "life worth living" is, and also the elements and means (biological, cognitive, relational, material, symbolic, etc.) that make up our lives and that must be available to each of us in order to live life to the fullest.

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