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Text selection procedures

Peer review-process

When the paper is accepted for reviewing, the monitoring editors will send it to two peer reviewers.

In case of disagreement a third one is asked.

Peer review questionnaire

Peer review a second time yes/no [?]

If the peer-review is negative, the paper is not accepted.

If the peer-review is positive, the paper will be accepted.

If the peer-review is positive, but changes are suggested, the paper is send back to the author with the offer to change it. The author should make his changes visible (working with the track changes). The author can comment on the changes.

Depending on the amount of changes and the willingness of the peer-reviewers, the paper will be reviewed a second time.

See attached chart of peer-review-process.

Proof reading

When the article is accepted proofreading follows. It will be done by us as long as the journal has not income.

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