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Welcome to Anthropology of Food, the webjournal dedicated to the human and social sciences of food. Anthropology of Food is an open access multilingual academic journal (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese). Started in 1999, this journal is supported by the French National Institute for Human and Social Sciences (CNRS). All scientific articles in this journal are peer reviewed by at least two referees as well as the editorial committee.

Being an international journal, AoFood supports the current social movements in France that oppose the proposed legislation concerning particularly the pluriannual programmation of  research (LPPR). In effect, as it is announced, this law will endanger the foundations of the triple economy - financial, scientific and human - of scientific journals by hitting personnels, reducing recruitment to short-term contracts linked to projects, thus undermining the pluralism and independance of public research.


Latest issue
14 | 2019
Gastro-politics: Culture, Identity and Culinary Politics in Peru

Cultura, identidad y gastropolítica: el impacto de la política y estética culinaria en el Perú