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Introduction to Varia in progress

Marion Demossier, Isabelle Techoueyres and Virginie Amilien
This article is a translation of:
Introduction à Varia, le numéro permanent

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1Since the first issue of Anthropology of Food in 2001, which was about ‘traditions and food local identities’, the journal has come a long way. Eleven issues are now on line; new subjects have yielded much food for thought and activated new paths for research. Contributions have been made from colleagues around the world, while the task which we assigned ourselves within the Editorial Board is starting to bear fruit. The journal receives an increasing number of proposals from both renowned authors as well as younger researchers, in keeping with its quality and openness policy.

2« Varia in progress » is an open collection of contributions. This issue gives evidence of the Journal vitality and of its permanent dedication to override the established disciplinary barriers within the scientific field.

  • 1 Hanna Fearn, The great Divide, in The Times Higher Education, 20-26 November 2008, pp. 36-39.

3A recent article published in The Times Higher Education1 underlined the intrinsic division of anthropology teaching across British Universities, which is patent in the deep ideological and conceptual gap existing between social and biological anthropology. Such an observation can in fact be made in all European countries.

4The first articles of Varia, concerning various aspects of food issues in contemporary societies, both in developed and developing countries, seek to establish links between these two disciplinary fields which, although diverging, both question relationships between nature and culture -since food is indeed at the very intersection of nature and culture.

5This is why « Varia in progress » is the proof of our commitment to the ongoing debates which divide our discipline. Several articles are about exotic objects and take on different perspectives; they establish ties between nature and culture while giving answers in various manners to questions which are at the heart of food anthropology.

6Please send your articles to Armelle Lorcy,, coordinator for this on-going issue.

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1 Hanna Fearn, The great Divide, in The Times Higher Education, 20-26 November 2008, pp. 36-39.

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Marion Demossier, Isabelle Techoueyres and Virginie Amilien, « Introduction to Varia in progress », Anthropology of food [Online], Articles VARIA, Online since 16 December 2008, connection on 14 April 2021. URL :

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