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Anthropology of food is a multilingual refereed web journal devoted to the social sciences of food. Founded in 1999 by Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, Matthieu Duboys de Labarre and Isabelle Téchoueyres, Anthropology of food has become within a few years a platform where food researchers can express and propose different but complementary views from sociological, anthropological, geographical, ethnological, historical, economical, philosophical... points of view.

Anthropology of food is supported by an international network of researchers sharing a common interest in the social sciences of food. Before publication, each article is read by two academic experts selected from relevant fields of research. These experts evaluate the quality of the submitted work with reference to the Reading Guide as approved by the Editorial Board, which guarantees rigour and transparency.

Anthropology of food is until now published twice a year plus on-going Varia articles and book reviews.

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