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Les Reclusiennes: Call for papers

The event : Les Reclusiennes 2014, « the Guardians of the Earth »

Programme :

Sainte Foy la Grande, in Gironde (France), July 7-13 2014.

Hundreds of academics, activists, representatives of organizations, researchers, artists, writers, and other citizens are expected to take part in the Reclusiennes 2014 for a week of debates and exchanges on the theme “Earth: territory, production tool, and organic substance”.

Agricultural issues are currently in the limelight. They appear on the agenda of many institutions and governments. They are also the basis of protests and demonstrations involving pastoralists, indigenous peoples and citizens throughout the world. Today in our urban and global societies, food production and relations to the land epitomize political and social preoccupations with issues such as land monopoly, the patentability of living organisms, the control of seeds, food quality, and more.

Les Reclusiennes 2014 will follow the path opened by Elisée Reclus, a social and libertarian geographer who was born in Ste Foy la Grande. He held human beings responsible for the earth, the land : "Man has become the conscience of the earth".

The Reclusiennes 2014 will therefore focus on the theme of ‘ecologism’ in our contemporary societies, gathering people who are inspired by this movement and have political propositions.

Does ecological consciousness, and the way it spreads through our societies, carry along a new social vision, or new forms of societies? How can the libertarian dreams of a ‘social ecology’ find their place ?

Les Reclusiennes: a unique meeting place in Sainte Foy la Grande, in Gironde, where every year academics, researchers and writers can gather and expose the state of their thought, present their works and confront viewpoints, as their contribution to the improvement of knowledge in human and social sciences (sociology, political sciences, philosophy, ethnology, anthropology, geography, history, and others).

Les Reclusiennes rely on the works of Elisée RECLUS. Born in Sainte Foy la Grande in 1830, a pioneer in social and political geography involved in anarchy, he was an enlightened man and a prolific writer open to many issues which are topical today.

The Reclusiennes will feature daily public interviews, literary cocktails, workshops, conferences films, debates, exhibitions, street shows, theatre and music performances, festive meals, the greening of the city, and end with the Reclusiennes Award.

Les Reclusiennesis an event organized by the association Cœur de Bastide of Sainte Foy la Grande (City Hall – 33220 Ste Foy la Grande) in partnership with:

The following associations:

Le Musée du Pays Foyen, Les Amis de Sainte Foy, Terre de Montaigne, the cinema La Brèche, les Ouvriers du Chai, Jazz aux écuries, la Licoeur de Bordeaux, le CIRA, Radio Libertaire,

Sainte Foy la Grande Municipal Council,

The international journal Anthropology of food (

The following research labs : Unité Mixte Internationale du Cnrs Environnement, sociétés, santé, Bamako, Dakar, Ouagadougou, Marseille.

LAM (Les Afriques dans le monde) UMR Cnrs 5115/ IEP Bordeaux

CNRS de Bordeaux (MICA, laboratoire de recherche en Information, Communication et Art (EA 4426) de l’Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux 3. ADES (Aménagement, Développement, Santé et Sociétés), Unité mixte de recherche 5185 de l’Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux 3.

Professors and researchers from Michel de Montaigne University, IUT Bordeaux III/ISIAT L'Institut Supérieur d'Ingénieurs-Animateurs Territoriaux

With the support of la Banque Numérique du Savoir en Aquitaine (Conseil Régional Aquitaine)

More information :;

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