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People moving with food from and to Northern Europe

Food, migration and multiculturalism
Laura Terragni and Gun Roos

Food has a key role in shaping culture and identity. When people move, they use food and food traditions to maintain contact with the place they come from but also come in contact with a new food culture and new habits.

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In November 2016, NAFS (Nordic Association for Food Studies1) Norway arranged the Conference “People Moving with Food”. It resulted in two days with interesting presentation about food and multiculturalism. As a follow up the Conference “People moving with food” we invited participants to the Conference and other researchers interested in this topic to submit an extended abstract to be considered for a special issue in Anthropology of Food.

Scope of the publication

“People moving with food from and to Northern Europe” will especially focus on the importance of food traditions, on how food can bring people together, and on the shaping of new cultures of food that move beyond boundaries, to consider questions like: What happens to food habits when we move? How do migrants reproduce the taste of home in a new country? How has the Nordic food culture welcomed new tastes brought in by past and recent waves of migration? What about the pleasure of eating and exchanges between eaters? Can food enhance new collective identities?


Laura Terragni, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Gun Roos, SIFO, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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