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Researching and Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes – Cahiers de l’APLIUT is a journal published by the French association of language teacher in French Instituts Universitaires de Technologie (APLIUT). The journal publishes the results of research carried out about the teaching and learning of all languages and cultures in Higher Education. Since its beginnings it has been oriented towards both theoretical and applied research while maintaining a pedagogical dimension through the publication of notes on teaching experiences in each issue. An editorial team led by the Editor-in-chief produces the journal. The Editorial policy respects strict standards of scientific publishing and all articles submitted are subject to double-blind peer-review. The issues of the Cahiers de l'Apliut published in paper version between 1980 and 2000 are available on Persee :

Latest issue
Vol. 42 N°1 | 2023
Considérer les représentations iconographiques dans l’enseignement-apprentissage de l’anglais

Inclusion of Iconographic Representations in English-Language Teaching and Learning
Edited by Élise Ouvrard and Émilie Magnat

In language classes, teachers and learners have access to numerous visual aids to help with their thinking or with keeping track of on-going or completed work. These aids can include hand-written notes, drawings, images (illustrations), and/or specific arrangements of textual elements, which can include different forms: outlines, mind maps, sketchnotes, etc. These can be either given to learners (developed by the teacher or chosen from textbooks or other didactic resources), or (co)constructed by the learners (spontaneously or at the instruction of a teacher). It is these greatly diverse visual traces that will be designated by the expression “(icono)graphic representations” to group together scribbles, drawings, photos, images, flashcards, outlines, mind maps, infographics, etc. Despite their essential role as a tool in the teaching-learning process, these representations are often under considered both in practice in the classroom, and in language learning research concerning preschool to university levels. This issue collects contributions in order to explore and interrogate the benefits of (icono)graphic representations in the English-language teaching-learning process, as well as their inclusion in teacher training (initial or on-going).

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