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Researching and Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes – Cahiers de l’APLIUT is a journal published by the French association of language teacher in French Instituts Universitaires de Technologie (APLIUT). The journal publishes the results of research carried out about the teaching and learning of all languages and cultures in Higher Education. Since its beginnings it has been oriented towards both theoretical and applied research while maintaining a pedagogical dimension through the publication of notes on teaching experiences in each issue. An editorial team led by the Editor-in-chief produces the journal. The Editorial policy respects strict standards of scientific publishing and all articles submitted are subject to double-blind peer-review.

Latest issue
Vol. 38 N°2 | 2019
L'internationalisation des formations dans l’enseignement supérieur

Internationalising Training Programmes in Higher Education
Edited by Claire Chaplier and Danielle Joulia

This issue of Researching and Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes closely follows the theme of the 40th APLIUT conference co‑organised by LAIRDIL (Laboratoire Interuniversitaire de Recherche en Didactique LANSAD, EA 7415, Université Toulouse 3): the internationalisation of training courses and their concomitant demand on language learning. This issue, coordinated by Claire Chaplier and Danielle Joulia, examines recent theory and approaches inherent to this on-going process which has an effect on the entire Higher Education infrastructure. Above and beyond the question of the extent to which language teaching/learning ought to be central to our institutional philosophy, this issue will consider the overarching linguistic, didactic, cultural, political and socio-economic concerns which drive this ever-expanding internationalisation. The central focus will be on the practical implementation of such courses in order to maximise potential and to minimise “risk”.