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The journal Archéologie médiévale was created in 1971, at the Centre Michel de Boüard, like the English journal Medieval Archeology created 14 years earlier, it appeared in the context of the emergence of medieval archaeology. All the journals born then (Germany, Italy ...) have been framed on a similar model, with the same objective: to be, for their country, the main reference in medieval archaeology in the eyes of the international community. All these journals include a section devoted to archaeological news: Archéologie médiévale contains a chronicle of medieval excavations in France.

Acknowledging the qualities of this publication, the CNRS brought the journal, in 1982, into the narrow circle of journals published by “Les Éditions du CNRS”, now “CNRS Éditions”; it is also supported by the Ministry of Culture. Archéologie médiévale is the only international journal of medieval archaeology in France.

In addition to an international editorial committee that chooses the reviewers of the articles submitted, the journal is prepared by a publisher (IE CNRS) and the scientific leaders of each column of the “Chronique”.

Each volume is composed of several parts and particularly :

  • a selection of feature articles on medieval and modern archaeology in France and abroad;

  • a “Chronique des fouilles”, which provides an overview of archaeological research in both Metropolitan France and Overseas Territories, summarizing all archaeological operations that took place during the year preceding the publication of the issue.

Each volume, since 1995, contains 300 to 350 pages in 22 × 28 cm format on two columns. About 150 pages are devoted to the feature articles, and the same to the chronicle. Each issue also contains a critical newsletter and a selection of book reviews.

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