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4. Processing and visualisation of data

MultichannelGPR – A New MATLAB-Tool for the Processing of GPR Data

Tina Wunderlich
p. 279-283


– A MATLAB collection of scripts for processing of multichannel GPR data is provided. For easy access to the data during processing it is saved in mat-format.

– The program handles import, processing, binning and visualisation of GPR data.

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Several commercial programs are available for processing of multichannel GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) data. Nevertheless, often the problem arises that the documentation of the black-box program is incomplete and it is not clear what the program is doing exactly, i.e. in a mathematical sense. In addition, if processing steps apart from the provided ones are necessary, it is often hard to export the partly processed data to a data format that is readable with another program. To overcome these problems a script-based MATLAB program was developed, which imports data from Malå or GSSI antennas, provides several processing and visualisation steps and enables the export as *.sgy-files. For all internal calculations resultsthe well-documented MATLAB *.mat-format is used. This provides the possibility to include own processing or visualisation steps at any point during the processing or to extract data easily, e.g. single amplitude values. The GPR data can be acquired on arbi...

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Tina Wunderlich, « MultichannelGPR – A New MATLAB-Tool for the Processing of GPR Data »ArcheoSciences, 45-1 | 2021, 279-283.

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Tina Wunderlich, « MultichannelGPR – A New MATLAB-Tool for the Processing of GPR Data »ArcheoSciences [En ligne], 45-1 | 2021, mis en ligne le 16 août 2021, consulté le 24 septembre 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Tina Wunderlich

Corresponding author, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Institute for Geosciences, Germany

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Article L.111-1 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle.

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