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5. Spatial analysis and aerial remote sensing

Everything Archaeology?

Pitfalls from 40 years of Aerial Archaeology
Roland Linck et Tatjana Gericke
p. 295-299


– Routine aerial archaeology flights over decades.

– Pitfalls in aerial photo interpretation.

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Case Study 1: Potential Linear Features at Kurzendorf (Lkr. Ansbach)
Case Study 2: Circular Feature at Kalkberg (Lkr. Passau)
Case study 3: Multiple Ditch-like System at Wahl (Lkr. Freising)

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The Bavarian State Department of Monuments and Sites (BLfD) has undertaken routine aerial archaeological flights all over Bavaria since the 1980s. Nowadays the archive stores over 800,000 analogue and digital photographs of archaeological sites as well as historical buildings. Hence, it is one of the biggest archives of this kind in the world. In total, more than 65,000 sites could already be mapped, whereas ca. 30,000 of them were discovered by aerial photographs. The sites display findings from the Neolithic up to modern times and thus cover the whole range of Bavarian history. As the different sites are revisited in different seasons and different years, it is possible to establish a quite comprehensive map of the preserved structures in the subsurface. Sometimes features appear to be of archaeological origin, but are then rejected after a detailed analysis. The outcome and reason for these pseudo-features can be unexpected. In the following, three case studies of the...

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Roland Linck et Tatjana Gericke, « Everything Archaeology? »ArcheoSciences, 45-1 | 2021, 295-299.

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Roland Linck et Tatjana Gericke, « Everything Archaeology? »ArcheoSciences [En ligne], 45-1 | 2021, mis en ligne le 16 août 2021, consulté le 24 septembre 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Roland Linck

Corresponding author, Bavarian State Department of Monuments and Sites, Ref. Z V: Zentrallabor & Geo- Erkundung, Hofgraben 4, 80539 Munich, Germany, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, Theresienstr. 41, 80333 Munich, Germany

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Tatjana Gericke

Bavarian State Department of Monuments and Sites, Ref. Z V: Zentrallabor & Geo- Erkundung, Hofgraben 4, 80539 Munich, Germany

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