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Addendum au volume 45(1)-2021 “14th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection”

Culvert pipe resonance

Veli Voipio
p. 97-99


– Resonant frequency in the target is revealed using a Gopher antenna designed by the author for the measurements.
– Deconvolution is applied after conventional pre-processing.

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Data and preprocessing
Pipe resonance in the profile spectrum

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The culvert measurement presented here was part of a series of measurements checking the performance of the Gopher antenna in practical situations. This intriguing result—a clear resonance at the location of the pipe—surfaced after the signal processing was completed using various parameters. The Gopher antenna (Voipio, 2019) is a new type of GPR wideband pulse antenna developed by the author. It is efficient, requiring only low transmitting power. Some challenges remain but, overall, the measurement results have been promising so far.

Data and preprocessing

The roadside gravel-road culvert that was measured has a pipe with a diameter of 30 cm laid so that its top is 40 cm below the surface. The author used a Gopher antenna of his own design (Voipio, 2019). The antenna was filled with neoprene (permittivity εr = 6.7) to reduce the central frequency to 500 MHz. The pull direction was perpendicular to the pipe direction and the pipe was parallel to the E-plane of the antenna...

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Veli Voipio, « Culvert pipe resonance »ArcheoSciences, 45-2 | 2021, 97-99.

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Veli Voipio, « Culvert pipe resonance »ArcheoSciences [En ligne], 45-2 | 2021, mis en ligne le 01 décembre 2021, consulté le 19 janvier 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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Veli Voipio

Corresponding author, Aalto University, ELEC Finland, Poutamaentie 15 B 78 00360 Finland (

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